All Heart Video: Imperfect Family Love Stories as Art


– Why it was so important to me to make this course for you

Logistics, Gear & Prep
– Gear & how to get started with the tools you already have
– Jumping In (easiest & most efficient ways to get started)
– Focusing
– Handheld Stabilization
– Utilizing the best & easiest light for editing
– Shoot Logistics that make all the difference

Showing Up for Deeper Purpose
– Connecting with your Clients to tell their Authentic Story & Operating from a place of Vulnerability & Purpose
– Owning Your Story

Guiding & Prompting Strategies for Emotive Films
– Pushing Through & Dealing with Freezing Temps, Rain & Discomfort
– Pulling Emotion & Meaning from Yourself
– Mirroring a Beautiful Life
– Working with Large Blended Families

Behind the Scenes Shoots
– BTS #1: Family of 6 (Colorado – shot with DSLR / Nikon D750)
– BTS #2: Motherhood (Hawaii – Shot with Mirrorless / Canon R5 & Drone )
– BTS #3: Couple (Hawaii – Shot with Mirrorless / Canon R5)

Editing to Delivery
– Editing Video Clips in Lightroom
– Music
– Horizontal Video Workflow in iMovie
– Vertical Video Creation for Social Media
– Type
– Transitions & Grain Effects
– Export & Delivery

Marketing & Pricing
– Pricing
– Marketing

Already making videos, but can’t get clients to add them on? This is what you’re doing wrong.
– Critique with Justine Owsley
– Critique with Lucki Malloy
– Critique with Jess Harris

Student Zoom Mentorships with Common Issues
– Tiffany Bergamino
– Jordan Brennan
– Kara B Photography
– Bronwyn O’Brien

Private Facebook Student Group

Favorite Resources & Discount Codes

$1,200.00 USD

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