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AHA Year 2: Growing with You (V2)


  • Working with Failure: Motherhood Session (Hawaii) – Working with Failure, Zoom Consult, When Things Go Wrong, Original Vision, Behind the Scenes Shoot & Culling + Editing Videos
  • Creating an Experience to Allow Couples to Be Seen Authentically: Outdoor Couples Session (Hawaii) & Indoor Intimate Couples Session (Colorado) – Zoom Consults, Behind the Scenes Shoots, Styling & Location Planning Threads, & Culling + Editing Videos
  • BONUS Client Session Magic: Family Session (Hawaii) – Backstory & New “Ah Ha’s” that made this Session, Behind the Scenes GoPro Footage, Styling Thread & Re-directing, Editing Video + Link to View Full Gallery
  • Getting Clients on Board for an Epic Adventure Session (Iceland): Planning a Travel Session From Afar, Zoom Consult, Behind the Scenes Shoot, Styling & Location Planning, and Culling + Editing Videos
  • Shooting for Curvy Mamas: Family Session (California) – Zoom Consult, Behind the Scenes Shoot, Styling & Location Planning and Culling + Editing Videos. With a BONUS video from Diana Christine Riley on Recommended Brands/Styling for Curvy Mamas.
  • Bracing for Wild Boys: Family Session (Hawaii): Behind the Scenes Shoot, Zoom Consult, Styling & Location Planning and Culling + Editing Videos
  • “Executing a Personal Project for Growth” (Motherhood Session, Oregon) – Zoom Consult with Styling Inspiration, Behind the Scenes Shoot + Editing with Targeted Marketing Objectives Videos
  • “Fly on the Wall Client Family Session with focus on Adjustments for Storytelling Posing” Behind the Scenes + Editing Video (Vail, Colorado)
  • Behind the Scenes shoot with an AHA mid-level photographer where I join them on one of their shoots to observe & help guide them in a way that would be how I’d handle it if they were my own client. We’ll then go on to record a culling & editing video where we select the most powerful images from the session & I give growing point suggestions to take her work from ordinary to art. (Family Session, Boulder, Colorado)
  • Indoor + Outdoor Desert Vibes: Family of 5 Session (Joshua Tree, California) – Behind the Scenes Shoot.
  • Maternity/Family of 5 Session (Colorado): Behind the Scenes Shoot + Editing Video utilizing the new Lightroom Upgrade tools.
  • Behind the Scenes shoot with an AHA advanced level photographer, who has taken every season of AHA, that I will be shadowing. You’ll get to see our zoom where we discuss next year’s goals for her & session planning for that targeted growth. You’ll then get to watch me join her as she captures a family of 3 & hear my suggestions on improving her use of light, guiding, angles, creativity, etc. on location. Finally, you’ll get to see the cull & edit from the session (Joshua Tree, California).


  • “Avoiding the Dreaded Halo: Editing Techniques for Gorgeous Skies with People in Them” Educational Video
  • “Flat Backlit Beach Session: Seeing the Light, Session Flow + Editing” Educational Video
  • “Color Casts: What to Look for & How to Edit” Editing Video
  • “Pouring from a Full Cup: Sources of Inspiration, Breaking Social Media Rules & Getting • Back to What Fuels You” Educational Video
  • “Editing Recent Favorite Photos With Seeing the Light” Educational Video
  • “Tips for Kids that Want Nothing to Do with the Shoot or are Wild: Managing Meltdowns to • Still Deliver an Artful Gallery” Educational Video
  • “Styling with Jeans and Tips for Drawing out the Most Emotion with Them” Educational Video
  • “Battling Neon Greens” Editing Video
  • “Perfecting Skin Tones” Editing Video
  • PDF download: “60+ of My Favorite Emotive Prompts” Flash Cards
  • “An Update on My Venture into Videography (including the purchase of my new drone): New things Learned this Year”. You’ll get to see how I’m creating my films, tools used, and how I’ve integrated adding them to my client sessions, plus all new tips learned to share.
  • Manifesting Your Dreams & Conquering Financial Hang-ups. Breaking down 6 figure goals
  • “Creative Editing with the Wistful Preset & Action Packs” Editing Video
  • Creating Your Own Presets + Understanding Modifying Others
  • Letting Go: The Artist’s Instinct, Evolution, Reinvention & Soul Work
  • The Famous Laying Down Shot — A demonstration of how I do it, what I look for with angles, light & connection, how I work through awkwardness & common issues that arise with this highly requested shot.
  • “AHA Student Portfolio Critique – Parts 1 & 2” : Watch me critique 17 AHA students work, giving suggestions on improving their: editing, connection, composition, use of light, styling, angles, etc
  • “Be You First” with Mindy Arnholt


  • Meshea Shaffer of Olive Gray Photography “Creating Art When Limited with Shooting on the Same, Flat, Bright Beaches” Educational Video + Editing Video with her OGP Presets & Discount Code
  • Mackenzie Pudenz “Client Preparation Before a Session to Ensure Natural Flow & • Authentic Emotion” Educational Videos
  • Jordan Brennan “Indoor Newborn Magic” Behind the Scenes Video + Editing Video using her Lightroom Brushes & Discount Code
  • Joy Prouty “Cultivating a Genuine Foundation of Trust with Clients & Laying the Framework for Authentic Expression of Emotion”. With the bonus of: “The Process of Allowing your Own Personal Journey to Sing Out of Your Professional Work & Soul Care for the Exhausted Artist” Educational Videos.
  • Mari Trancoso “Harnessing Creative Storytelling : An Indoor Couple Session” Educational + Editing Videos
  • Nick Robertson of Wild Eyed Creative Co “Out of the Wild: Branding For Photographers” Educational Video
  • Sophia Costa of The Sophia Co. teaching on Underwater Photography – Educational + Editing Videos with a discount code to Aquatech for Underwater Housings + a discount code for her Underwater Presets.
  • Tessa Rae Photography “Soulful Editing with Tessa Rae” Editing Video
  • Meghan Ingram: “Creative Use of Light & Posing in Urban Environments” Educational & Editing Videos with a discount code to her Creative Light Freesol Overlay Collection.
  • My Four Hens Photography : “The Art of Authentic Storytelling” Educational + Editing Video
  • Love Her Wild Photography: “Dig a Little Deeper” Educational + Editing Videos
  • Megan Scott: “Editing Workflow with Megan Scott” Editing Video
  • Steph Beguhl: “Working with Clients in Harsh Weather & Landscapes” Educational Video


  • “Aina” Presets (6 color & 2 BW)
  • “Aina” Actions: 8 Tonal Adjustment & 2 Rainbow Overlays
  • “Everlight” Presets: 8 color presets inspired by ambient, cloudy, open shade & blue hour light
  • “Everlight” Makeover Actions: Skin Perfector, Healthy Glow, Rosy Glow, Blonde Hair Highlighter, Dark Hair Gloss, Baby Blues, Baby Browns, Whiten Teeth, Orange Reduction
  • “Wistful” Presets (7 color presets) and Action Packs (9 Film Effects): Inspired by daydreams of warm nostalgia & versatile in a variety of landscapes and light.
  • “Entwined” Presets and Actions with Ring of Fire Overlays. 6 Color Presets, 5 Actions and 6 Ring of Fire Overlays.


  • Beyond the Pose (from AHA Year 1: The Foundation)
  • “The Painterly Collection” Actions with the infamous 1-click, described as “gold” by students
  • Taking the Fear out of Photoshop (2021 Edition)
  • Private Facebook Student Group Access
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