"The Inspired Life" Workshop by Emily Hodge of Simply Blessings Photography


  • A heartfelt and practical talk from Emily about finding your creative voice, inspiration, and the courage to photograph the things that set your soul on fire and bring that in a practical way to your own photography. We will define art for ourselves and figure out what you value in art, what gives photos their artistic merit and what takes away from it, creating unique images to evoke an emotional response, inspiration, turning pain into beauty, storytelling (as more than a cliche word), being inspired by moments in your everyday life and capturing that in an intentional way, technique (location selection, use of angles, movement, layering, lighting, creative tools I use, style, etc) and living out your own inspired life.
  • 2 behind the scenes videos. One creating art out of the everyday and ordinary in home with my kids and the other one an outdoor client family session.
  • 2 editing videos (one from each session) including Emily’s editing workflow and creative tools to set yourself apart
  • A printable workbook with thought provoking questions to help you figure out what sets your soul on fire and how to bring out your own unique art in your photography
  • Access to a private facebook group with Emily, where you can ask questions and get continued support

$1,100.00 USD

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