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All Heart Year 1: Fall Season

• “Days of Gold” Preset Pack — only available as part of the Fall Season or All In Access. 8 Color & 2 Black and White Presets included. Geared toward Fall tones, earthy vibes & golden goodness.

• “Days of Gold” Finishing Actions — 8 Artistic Color Shifts & 3 Tint Assists included

• “Days of Gold” Editing Video

• “Styling: How I see it & build it with my clients” Video (a continuation from Spring)

• “My Styling Do’s & Don’ts” PDF Download

• Behind the Scenes Video: How to create emotive & storytelling images with a family with just 1 Child (Moab, Utah)

• Behind the Scenes Video: Shooting for Brands, while still keeping it true to the family’s unique story & connections – Styled Family of 5 Session (Moab, Utah)

• “Travel sessions and all that entails” Video. Location scouting, permits, what to charge, logistics, communication, prepping your clients, how to get travel bookings, etc.

• “Seeing and Shaping Light” Video

• “Angles” Video: Shooting for purpose – what I’m looking for & what angles for what.

• “Video Evolution” – An update on my growth with video & new things learned (continuation from Spring and Summer).

• “Marketing: How I built my name in the beginning” Video

• Guest Educator: Emily Hodge (Simply Blessings Photography) teaching on how she achieves her gorgeous double exposures & sharing a 20% discount to purchase her double exposure action

• “Storm Conditions” Preset Pack

• “Painterly Collection” Action Pack with my famous “1-click”

• Seasonal Editing Video teaching how I see and paint each image to be worthy of wall hanging art with my new seasonal pack of presets released
In-depth training of how to use my presets and finishing actions, as well as featuring a few other favorite presets created by other developers, that you might already own (and if not, they have generously given me a discount code to offer you in case you want to buy them)

• “Taking the Fear out of Using Photoshop” Video: Simplifying the understanding & capability of the essential tools that I use, so that you can take your work to the next level of polishing like I do

• Welcome & Beyond the Pose Videos — the heart behind my art and the core of what makes my work emotive, authentic, and successful beyond the pretty editing and styling

• Private Facebook Student Group Access

• AHA Buy, Sell & Trade Access

– 15-30% off my Favorite Presets outside of AHA
– 50% off Flodesk*
– 25% off Jen’s Pirate Booty
– 20% off CloudSpot*
– $20 off Unscripted Posing App*
– 50% off Honeybook*
– 15% off Style & Select
*Discount code valid for new users only for the first year