AHA Essentials + Video Bundle

All Heart Essentials Workshop Includes:

- Beyond the Pose: The Heart Behind My Art (30:38)

- Executing a Personal Project for Growth (Oregon) (49:46)
- Indoor + Outdoor Desert Vibes (Joshua Tree) (54:52)
- Client Session Magic Unfolding (Hawaii) (55:49)
- Working with Failure & When Things Go Wrong (Hawaii) (30:50)
- Family Snow Session (Colorado) (38:01)
- Creating an Experience to Allow Couples to Be Seen Authentically (Hawaii & Life House Hotel) (01:03:21)
- Creating Poetic Maternity Imagery through Unposing (Colorado) (33:19)
- Adventure Travel Session (Iceland) (52:41)
- How to Create Emotive & Storytelling Images With Just 1 Child (Moab) (52:11)
- Focusing on Adjustments in Posing for Intentional Storytelling (Colorado) (46:01)
- Guiding a "Posey" Family for an Emotive & Authentic Gallery (Colorado) (46:13)


- Watch Me Shadow Mid-level AHA Student Whitney Bray
• Post Shoot Growing Points Discussion & Cull (34:38)
• Behind the Scenes Shoot with Me Shadowing Whitney (58:50)

- Watch me Shadow Advanced Level AHA Student Kendra Rose
• Pre-Shoot Planning & Targeted Objectives Zoom (22:24)
• Behind the Scenes Shoot With Me Shadowing Kendra (44:59)

- Taking the Fear out of Using Photoshop (23:49)
- Bold & Colorful Editing (20:26)
- Integrating Colorful & Filmy Styles in One Gallery (9:41)
- Earthy & Filmy Editing (12:15)
- Color Casts & Perfecting Skin Tones (13:41)
- Creative Cropping (09:37)
- Working with Greens (4:22)

- Painterly Action Pack
- Wistful Preset Pack with NEW Filmy addition (Wistful Haze)
- Recommendations for My Favorite Presets from Other Developers With Discount Codes

- Seeing and Shaping Outdoor Light (46:05)
- Growing Your Clients With Your Creative and Business Evolution (26:01)
- Scouting & Locations: Knowing What to Look For and Knowing How It’ll Edit (39:40)
- Scouting & Locations: Scouting AHA Student locations (36:59)
- Styling to Compliment Your Editing and Concept (40:02)
- Styling Innovative & Artistic Concepts (50:48)
- Styling Do's & Don'ts PDF Download
- Making Jeans Look Good (21:51)
- Tips for Kids that Want Nothing to Do with the Shoot or are Wild (25:01)
- 60+ of My Favorite Emotive Prompts Flash Cards

- Private Facebook Student Group Access
- AHA Buy, Sell & Trade Access
- Discount Codes & Favorite Resources

All Heart Video: Imperfect Family Love Stories as Art Workshop Includes:

– Why it was so important to me to make this course for you

Logistics, Gear & Prep
– Gear & how to get started with the tools you already have
– Jumping In (easiest & most efficient ways to get started)
– Focusing
– Handheld Stabilization
– Utilizing the best & easiest light for editing
– Shoot Logistics that make all the difference

Showing Up for Deeper Purpose
– Connecting with your Clients to tell their Authentic Story & Operating from a place of Vulnerability & Purpose
– Owning Your Story

Guiding & Prompting Strategies for Emotive Films
– Pushing Through & Dealing with Freezing Temps, Rain & Discomfort
– Pulling Emotion & Meaning from Yourself
– Mirroring a Beautiful Life
– Working with Large Blended Families

Behind the Scenes Shoots
– BTS #1: Family of 6 (Colorado – shot with DSLR / Nikon D750)
– BTS #2: Motherhood (Hawaii – Shot with Mirrorless / Canon R5 & Drone )
– BTS #3: Couple (Hawaii – Shot with Mirrorless / Canon R5)

Editing to Delivery
– Editing Video Clips in Lightroom
– Music
– Horizontal Video Workflow in iMovie
– Vertical Video Creation for Social Media
– Type
– Transitions & Grain Effects
– Export & Delivery

Marketing & Pricing
– Pricing
– Marketing

Already making videos, but can’t get clients to add them on? This is what you’re doing wrong.
– Critique with Justine Owsley
– Critique with Lucki Malloy
– Critique with Jess Harris

Student Zoom Mentorships with Common Issues
– Tiffany Bergamino
– Jordan Brennan
– Kara B Photography
– Bronwyn O’Brien

Private Facebook Student Group

Favorite Resources & Discount Codes

$1,800.00 USD

Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final and non-refundable. I reserve the right to modify, substitute, remove or change content as needed. Software used & demonstrated in this course are Lightroom and iMovie, so you’ll need to already own those to utilize the education & a camera that can take video at 1080p 60fps. All content is owned by Stormy Solis and All Heart Access, copyrighted and illegal to share, sell, trade or create/use in your own education. By purchasing, you agree to these terms.

All content will be available to view for the lifetime of my online education platform. In the event I should decide to no longer offer online education, students will be given a year advance warning (via social media announcement), to have enough time to soak it all in, before it expires.